Blockchain & ICO’s

ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) are hitting the market in staggering numbers. With high interest from investors and little global regulation, ICO’s are the modern version of the Wild West.

Most ICO’s think they can launch when they are nothing more than a ‘crypto’ looking website and a white paper. In light of many ICO’s never making it to the development phase and simply disappearing to being outright scams, ICO’s are facing a tough, more sophisticated investor moving forward. Marketing, more than ever, will be pivotal in helping your ICO succeed.

At SpinSpirational Marketing & PR we take the marketing of your project very seriously. We do not outsource. Our team is all in-house, at our Toronto, ON, Canada office location. A project manager overseas every aspect of a project and team discussions are held daily in regards to direction, timelines and deliverable’s.

Many ICO’s underestimate the costs required to launch a successful ICO campaign. Here’s a great article on Medium by Kirill Shilov on what you should expect to spend on your ICO

Audrey Nesbitt of SpinSpirational has teamed up with Foxtrot Infotech to strengthen our global marketing offerings in the blockchain space.

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Blockchain services

  • Legal Advisory
  • White paper audit
  • White paper development
  • ICO structure
  • Website development
  • Smart contract development
  • Token creation
  • Bounty campaign
  • ICO listings
  • ICO audit/consulting
  • General audit/consulting
  • ICO PR